Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dear My New Stranger

I don’t hate you or love you

I don’t even miss you or long for you, not anymore

It is just indifferent

I wonder how come something that started beutufully ended up tragically

All the excuses, blamming, hurting and repenting

You think it was a mistake, I have to agree with you this time

Because sadly you are not as important as you used to be when we were just friends

Probably because all the bad memories

And all the hurts you caused in the name of ‘protecting my heart’

I thought you know me better? I was wrong,

How fragile and instable me could made such a bad decision,

Is not it clear?

You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It

Maybe one day I will recall this memory again and think how funny it is

Maybe when the day comes, you will be long gone or I will be long gone.

Vanish with only a few glimpse of imagination to recall

I thought you are a water, I was wrong

We both are fire

And that’s why it was never compatible

I don’t hate you or love you

It does not even matter if we talk or not

Because life goes on and I am in betterment without you.

Denpasar, 3th August 2017

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